Bread without gluten or flour

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Gluten-free bread, flour or starches

Act for gluten intolerant and popular diets:

Keto diet and ketogenic diet

PLEASE ACTIVATE SEE ENGLISH SUBTITLES To be able to understand the whole video.

It is very important to watch the video to understand the steps, to see the texture before baking and to see the right color for an optimal result.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that not all powdered milk is the same, the one sold here in Spain is 100% milk, does not contain sugar or any other ingredient, there are packages of skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole powdered milk. (All are valid for the recipe) the only difference that according to the brand or its ingredients require more tablespoons or less for each egg.

This recipe uses baking powder and not baker’s yeast.

Also the size of the egg matters, if the eggs you use are too big, the dough will ask you for more powdered milk.

This recipe does not need salt or sugar, but you can optionally add it.

You can also customize the recipe with a little spice, for example:


Garlic powder

We can even add ground almonds or protein in gym powder.

Sesame seeds or poppy seeds

Powdered cheese… but if you add extras, watch the baking.

My recommendation is that you bake only 1 loaf of bread… that way you will see if it burns underneath, to adjust the height of the tray or the time of baking, since not all ovens are the same or have the same size.

I like to use my leftover bread for salads and soups, what I do is cut it into small square pieces and toast them in the frying pan and make croutons for my meals.

This bread is very good to eat with a few slices of ham, with fresh cheese or any other accompaniment.

I recommend to make just the right amount to eat at the moment and never do more for another day as it gets hard not to be a real bread.


3 medium eggs

5 gr. baking powder

150 gr + or – Milk Powder

From minute 1:10 you have the oven temperature and the ingredients of the recipe.

11 thoughts on “Bread without gluten or flour

  1. This recipe is a amazing. Is there a way to see all your recipes in English? Please send link or specific instructions.

    1. Hola! Dispones de la receta con subtítulos en ingles completa en el video. Activa subtítulos

    2. All the video is subtitled in English, you have to activate the subtitles in the options of the video, that is one of the corners of the video.

  2. It would be nice if we were told what this bread tastes like and/or what food can it be compared to before we go to the trouble and expense of preparing it. Thanks.

    1. Hola! Dispones de la receta con subtítulos en ingles completa en el video. Activa subtítulos
      The taste of this bread is neutral, neither sweet nor salty, it tastes very good, neither the milk nor the egg is noticeable. But if you don’t want to waste time, just make the recipe with only one egg and you will spend less. But it’s a recipe for those who can’t eat wheat flour. If you eat wheat, don’t make this recipe.

          1. El video esta en español y estas mirando el único articulo que esta en ingles

  3. Hola, en Argentina polvo de hornear y levadura son cosas totalmente diferentes. El video dice polvo de hornear, y la receta levadura dice seca ¿Cual se usa?

    1. Y en España…. y en la receta dice todo momento polvos de hornear, levadura royal o baking powder que es lo mismo….luego otra cosa es la levadura de panadero

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